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Visual Artist Go van Kampen

About Go van Kampen

Hello, I am Go van Kampen. So nice of you to browse on my site, My name is Margot, Go is the name my friends and family gave me. I am a self-taught painter. I started reading books about it and tried everything, oil painting, acrylic, watercolour and computer painting. …

Digital Art by Go van Kampen

Digital Art Digital paintings are new, it is a new medium in the painting world. “Pixel Painter”, I like that word, except I also make Vector Paintings, “Pixel an Vector painter”, that is basically what I do. I use my I pad to “Pixel Paint” and Illustrator to “Vector paint”. …

Art Fair Rotterdam

Rotterdam International Art Fair Come visit Go van Kampen in Rotterdam The Colourful Art of Go van Kampen can be seen at the Art Fair Rotterdam 12 and 13 September. It is the first time that she will exhibit at an international art fair.

Colourful Art and Interior Design

Digital Art really lights up your Interior Design. My colourful art adapts to any interior design style: country, modern, vintage, crisp white …